Entry #42

Thank you all for the support with DM episode 1!

2017-12-18 01:11:03 by thebreadandbutter

Thanks to you all the first episode of Dungeon Misadventures won daily 3rd on pbots and from the bottom of my heart I thank all those who made this possible!
This animation took a lot out of me (and about half a year) so I am going to take a short break then start development on episode 2! (it will probably not be 10 minutes long, episode 1 being that long was an accident)

The cast and I are going to do a psudeo pod cast on my youtube chanel answering any questions you may have about anything, you can submit questions anonymously here.

Once again thank you for the support!



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2017-12-18 01:58:19

Congratulations! Keep it up

thebreadandbutter responds:

holy shit it's you, I loved your Sexual Man 3d animation!
I'm guessing it was also based of D&D?
Thanks for the sub by the way!


2017-12-18 04:01:45

Geez, you're still around? Did you graduate from college yet?

thebreadandbutter responds:

I'm not on as much as I use to be (nor am I uploading as often due to focusing on work and college), but I still drop by every now and again. I am currently a Junior in college.
How have you been?