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its noticable that you put blood sweat and tears into this the animation is smooth its very weird and some people like that but that drawing style and the people arent very well drawn and if thats your style that is just an excuse

Wonderful, it's a shame that fucks on facebook are going to free-boot this and profit off of it

The jokes were okay at best, but I just couldn't stand the jpeg mouths
aside from that the animation wasn't too good as the characters rarely moved.

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This is one the few NG games I can say I'd like to see a full game made out of, the pushing ice to cross gaps mechanics is brilliant and every-time I solved one of the puzzles I felt like a genius.
My only complaint is the lack of sound design.

wow so this is what mighty number 9 would have been like if it were good

only complaint is that some of the level design discourages keeping up momentum

That feeling when you are red green colorblind

9X74 responds:

Ooh looks like my game does have some flaws haha.

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It really does capture the experience of shootin' in the desert

ade-syndicate responds:

This piece was specifically and scientifically engineered to thematically capture the essence of shootin' in the desert.

I have this song set to play when ever I open up a clock app on my computer.
The goal is to have it play when ever someone asks me what time and I'd rather just blast this than look at the clock on the bottom corner of my lappy.

Had to double take to when I heard the melody

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I loved this part of odessey

ade-syndicate responds:

It's the best part, but you gotta press up, up, down, down, then make mario pull his nose outward cartoonishly, and fart softly to make this happen.

I love it but Pauline is better

ade-syndicate responds:

Pauline and Rosalina are matched in terms of babe-ishness.
However, we can all agree that Peach and Daisy are nowhere near the babe-osity of these two.

this is canon now

ade-syndicate responds:


This is the bread box

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