Entry #41


2017-04-28 18:05:39 by thebreadandbutter

For a film festival my school holds every year I decided to finally make the first episode of an animated series I've been wanting to do for a while (please refer to a post I made in 2015 called 2015 when this project was called LOFQ), the episode is quite lengthy and due to time restrictions I was only able to make half of it before it was time to submit- because of this I slapped on a half assed "to be continued".

despite all of this the animation won best in show and I could not be more satisfied with the positive feedback and criticisms I've been receiving for it.

So, you may be asking "where can I see this animation"

and the answer is:
it's on youtube, I don't feel comfortable with uploading HALF of an animation on Newgrounds as it just seems like a waste of time for those who spend their time and voting power on watching a plot be set up but not concluded.
Because of this I will be releasing the full animation on Newgrounds when it is done (goal is to have it out by August 4th) and not upload the full thing to youtube until a week later.

Please enjoy and thank you for your support:




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